St. Edmund Campion Players

St. Augustine's Theatrical Productions

Inspired by St. Edmund Campion, a 16th Century English priest, the annual Shakespearean performance is heralded by the entire community for its creativity in faithfulness to
Shakespeare’s meanings. The students act and volunteer to help behind the scenes. Directed by Dr. Henry Russell, the entire performance enriches the community through a practical application of the incredible amount of work into presenting a performance. If students happen to absorb some of the greatest classic literature in English canon while in the process, then so be it!

Your passionate commitment to Shakespeare, your manifest desire to impart to your students a love of truth and beauty, shone forth in The Tempest performance. Bravo to all! I am grateful for having had the opportunity to witness the ensemble of talent and hard work that so effectively realized your ideals.

Fr. Eduard Perrone (Pastor at Assumption Grotto Church)

WATCH THE 2016 Performance of 'TWELFTH NIGHT'


Thank you for getting us all to understand Elizabethan English as a second language, as well as showing us all the magnificence of good theatre.

St. Edmund Campion Player Actress